Man Walks Off The Altar During His Wedding. But Watch Who He Walks To…

Image Credit: John Harkins / YouTube

Weddings are planned and rehearsed. The wedding dress is carefully chosen, and the colors of the bridesmaids dresses must match the flowers – it is all in the details! You have the rehearsal the night before so everyone knows what to do and when. After the rehearsal, you go share a meal (and hopefully everyone remembers their jobs the next day!).

No one wants something unexpected to disrupt the ceremony. The groom in this video had something planned that took everyone by surprise – be sure to catch the look on the bride’s face when the groom holds up his finger just before the vows and says “Just a minute.” You can tell that he is very nervous when he gets down on one knee to make a promise to his new bride’s daughter.

Take a look at this video!

The whole thing threw the priest off so much he forgot where they left off! Such an amazing demonstration of love! Share away, people!