Squirrel Tastes The Most Delicious Nut In The World And Has The Funniest Reaction

Image Credit: Imgur

Sometimes when you watch someone eat you know that they are enjoying themselves and you can tell that the food they are eating tastes good. I have a friend who will actually bounce a little while he eats (and he doesn’t even know he is doing it!). In this clip, you will see a squirrel that is having what can only be described as the best tasting nut in the world.

Ever. It is also possible that he had too much to drink last night and is just having a hard time standing up! Just watch as he begins to nibble. Then he stands up a little straighter and boom! Down he goes!

Take a look at this clip!

This squirrel must be eating the most delicious nut in the world

It isn’t as if he has passed out either – you can still see him eating after he has fallen over! Share this with your friends. Everyone needs a good laugh!