Dog Sensed Trouble When Her Owner Was Unresponsive. She Knew Exactly What To Do

Image Credit: Vuz TV / YouTube

Sweet Dee is a rescued pit bull who is being a called a superhero! She should become the poster dog for all pit bulls. Sweet Dee’s human dad was not feeling well, he is suffering from a heart condition and was having an episode. While the man was trying to text his doctor, he passed out! Thankfully, Sweet Dee was nearby and realized her human needed help.

She rushed into the back bedroom and woke up her human momma! Thanks to Sweet Dee, 911 was called, and help was on the way! After spending two days in a medically induced coma, Sweet Dee’s human dad is resting comfortably at home. Watch the video below and meet this amazing dog and her thankful family!

Take a look at this video

Each time we hear about the good thing pit bulls do, it makes my heart happy! All dogs are good dogs, it the owners we have to be worried about! Share away, people.