What Does It Feel Like To Tickle A Kitten? Get Ready, This Will Melt Your Heart!

Image Credit: The Pet Collective / YouTube

Before we go to the post, a million dollar question, can you tickle a kitten? Or better yet, are cats ticklish? Million dollar answer, I don’t know. I’m not a cat, but if I was one, you know, in a virtual reality, I’d say no. Cats are not ticklish. So what’s the meaning of this post then? Well because it’s cute and to tell you that when you think that your kitten is responding to your tickles, it’s actually just an automatic reflex. Sorry to burst your bubble!

But hey, the world is evolving, you never know, maybe some cats are ticklish, but you certainly won’t be hearing them laugh to prove your point! After all, what’s a story with a dish of reality mixed with a little bit of cuteness, right? This little kitten is just following her natural reflexes, but it’s really amazing to watch her play the tickle game!

Take a look at this video below!

Incredible, isn’t it? I love it when kittens play like this! Don’t you? Well, don’t forget to share this post with your friends too 🙂