He Told His Dog To Go Outside. His Reaction? I’m Still Laughing!

Image Credit: derevo2 / YouTube

Dogs learn very quickly through habit and daily routine. They get a quick understanding of how things work, and breaking from that routine can often leave them confused. In this instance, the results of this change leaves us rolling in our seats with laughter.¬†When this pooch usually goes outside, she’s used to both the normal door and the screen door being opened for him.

That’s just how it has to go. What she doesn’t realize is that the screen has been removed, so she can just walk right through it without any worries. But she waits patiently until her owner opens the door for her before she goes out to play. The same thing happens when she wants to come back inside, even after seeing her owner walk through the frame of the door.

Take a look at this video!

It may take some time before she discovers what’s really going on, but by then, the screen door will have been good as new again. Share away, people!