Rare Leopard Who Was Busy Finding Something To Eat Mercilessly Beaten To Death

A leopard was beaten to death in an Indian farming town in Gurgaon. The angry Mandawar villagers killed the endangered three-year-old leopard who had been looking for food in the area. The local wildlife is continually being forced back as people develop agricultural areas. India Today reported that there are still concerns about why the forest department and police didn’t get involved.

The young leopard had reportedly attacked some stray animals on Friday and hid under a bed. The villagers panicked, and men with axes, sticks, and stones went to search for the cat. Over one hundred people cornered the leopard and beat it to death. Forest rangers stood helpless to the side for three hours as the animal was tortured.

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The forest department issued a statement saying there were too many people and they couldn’t get close enough to the leopard to tranquilize him. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]