When The Weatherman’s Map Screwed Up, He Handled It Hilariously. This Is Awesome.

Image Credit: FOX 10 Phoenix / YouTube

Meteorologists are scientists that study the atmosphere, they predict the weather, and examine the effects the atmosphere has on the environment. To be a meteorologist, you need at least a bachelor’s degree. Most meteorologists work for the National Weather Service, only a small number are seen on TV as the ‘weatherman’ or ‘weather lady.’

Being in front of a live audience offers it’s own challenges. You have to speak well and look good. If you rely on technology to help with your weather forecasts, it is important that the technology is easy to use and well, that it works like it is supposed to! But, as we all know computers can do funny things sometimes! You will chuckle too when you see what happened and how he handled it!

Take a look at this video!

The computer error that happened to this weatherman didn’t bother him one bit – he rolled with it and had one of the news anchors chuckling! Share away, people!