Bird Starts Squawking At Strangers. But Watch As This Blooms Behind It… AMAZING!

Image Credit: Decent Entertainment / YouTube

Peacocks are one of the coolest birds around! They are also called peafowl, and there are three kinds: Congo, green, and Indian. A group of peafowl is called a “pride” or a “party.” More correctly only the males are called peacocks. The babies are referred to as peachicks, and the females are peahens. The colorful tail feathers are known as the ‘train’ can reach 6 feet long!

The white peacock isn’t really an albino peacock. Albinos are exceedingly rare, and they have red eyes. Traditionally, white peacocks have the same eyes colors as other peacocks. I have never seen a peacock spread out its feathers live – but I have seen videos. In this video, a man captured a white peacock – his timing was perfect.

Take a look at this video!

The bird started by making a few calls, perhaps to call his mate (or tell everyone else to back off!) and then spread his beautiful train! Share away, people!